0D0D43D4-D503-43D5-A9A7-9ADCB643AC3Fhey! and welcome to coastal twins πŸ’“ this blog is run by abbie & sophie. we are aussie twins who love to write, so that’s why we are here on this blog ☺️🀩 we started in november, 2017, so we have passed our one year anniversary, and are still (hopefully) going strong.. which is so awesome and we are kinda proud (if you couldn’t tell) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜ however, we are taking a lil’ break from the blog in honour of time management issues – we look forward to (hopefully) continuing on with the blog in late april, so stay tuned!

you may be wondering what this blog is all about.. we don’t have a set theme, but some of the more common posts you will see are lifestyle, fashion, photography, travel, tips, writing and more! if this sounds like your thing, then why not give us a cute β€˜lil follow and enjoy our weekly posts ❣️

if you are new around the blog then why not have a look around, we hope you enjoy! 😍

hey there, you! do you have a blog? what do you blog about? why not tell us in the comments below, we would love to hear from you! thanks for coming over 😚

abbie & soph



10 thoughts on “welcome!”

    1. aww, thank you!! it’s so cool to think we can just chat to people on the other side of the globe! yep, each country has their advantages and disadvantages. we have never been to the US and would love to go someday!! thanks for reading x

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