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photography: a snippet of our lives!

hey guys!

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i hope y’all are having a great weekend <3 we are lucky enough to have a holiday today (monday) cause it’s the Queen’s birthday- yay :) so this weekend me and abbie have been taking some photos of landscapes and each other and we thought this post could be a photo dump! 💛💛 but first, i would like to mention something… today, abbie and i both came down to the kitchen for breakfast and looked at each other with that look of ‘ugh not again’. we were wearing the exact same outfit! our black hoodie that has our school musical on the back, and blue, denim jeans. here’s how it went down…

sophie: well i’m not changing.

abbie: neither!

soph: pleaseee can you i cannot be bothered!

abbie: nooo, fi, i wanted to wear this! c’mon you wore that yesterday!

but of course in the end we decided just to sit down and eat breakfast, so we are wearing the same outfit today *groans* but onto the post!! ps. if these pics aren’t loading on the reader then go onto our actual website because they will load there :)

yesterday we went to a farm and got some really nice artsy photos!

this is one of out the window and my phone was fuzzy- so overall it looks kinda pretty!

this is one of some lil mushrooms attached to a tree- too cute <3

the rest of the photos weren’t that great quality- and we had the rest of our fam with us- so that was a bit personal to post ;)

today- at the beach near us..

this is abbie :)

and soph.. looking photogenic? 😂

and this one, with abbie at the front and soph in the background x

this is abbie doing a.. jump? 😂

and soph <3

and guys.. we decided to do a face reveal! just cause.. well this is a snapchat filter so it’s not completely us. but yeah.. i mean it’s about time, right? ;)

naw.. too cute! soph on the left and abbie on the right <3 i kinda just realised we don’t really look like full blown twins in this pic, usually that happens with snapchat- not sure why? 😂🤦‍♀️ or maybe it’s the light?

so that’s the end of the post for today.. we hope you enjoyed! have a great week guys <3


29 thoughts on “photography: a snippet of our lives!”

  1. Oh my gosh, you guys are so cute! I think it’s so great that you match like that – I don’t have a twin but sometimes my sister and I match accidentally. This post was so fun!

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  2. Aww this was a lovely post, girls!! I love your photography (: and haha, that’s funny that you two matched!! My mom and I do that all the time, actually – we’ll both unintentionally dress in the same color shirt, and we agree that whoever got dressed second has to change. People think we’re sisters all the time since our faces are so similar! XD

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