Queensland Photo Dump!!

Heya everyone! So we went to The Sunshine Coast (in Queensland, if you didn’t know) for the first week of the Aussie holidays, and this week we wanted to do a photo dump because we got back today!

So you guys might have seen this photo before on our last post, but for those that haven’t – here it is!

This is just a nice photo of our veiw from the balcony – please excuse Soph’s feet at the bottom! 😂 🌴

So this is just a photo of the beach we went to quite a lot <3

Pleeease take us back! It was so sunny and warm, unlike our terrible weather back home!

I guess this is the same view but it’s with a nice filter so that makes all the difference (obviously 😂) ✨

Just a photo of the clear waves – again, please excuse Soph’s feet :)

We both just love palm trees, so we couldn’t resist taking a shot 💛🌴

The sun setting over the river and, as we said before, we just love palm trees, and the silhouette plus the amazing view made a great pic!

Açai bowls that me and Fi shared – me the banana, Soph the kiwifruit! Guys, would 100% recommend! Go do yourself a favour and get one asap 😂👌🏽

We really love this photo.. just the beautiful beach and then us on the rock in the distance :)Finally, us learning to surf for the first time! it was actually so fun and the water was just great! 🌞⚡️ (Fi thinking she’s doing a better job then me)

So we had a lot more silly photos.. mirror photos, selfies, a gazillion pics of us learning to surf.. and so on.. but these are the ones that we thought were blog worthy! 💛 Which were your favourite photos? Have you been to Queensland before? Do you know how to surf? Tell us in the comments!


15 thoughts on “Queensland Photo Dump!!”

  1. Oh my goooosh!!! These photos are beyond beautiful! :D <3 <3 I need to go to Queensland now, hahaha! That beach looks seriously like a dream vacation, and girl you have photography skills! Thank you so much for sharing! <3


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