the nicest smells !!

heya everyone! abbie here and today i was thinking of doing a “best smells” post! it sounds weird, i know, but since i’ve done a post on nice sights and a post on nice sounds, i thought it would be only natural to continue that pattern with a post on nice smells! this includes my favourite smell combinations, as well as smells that just individually smell amazing!

let’s start with the nicest combinations –

+ acocado and pepper

+ vanilla, cinnamon and rose petals

+ lavender and cherry

+ mixed berries and vanilla

+ apples and cinnamon

and now, the nicest individual smells –

+ the earth after it rains

+ the pure oxygen of the country

+ the sunshine-y smell of wheat

+ melting butter

+ pure honeycomb

+ a bouquet of dried herbs

+ woodsmoke

+ old, worn leather

+ hay in a barn

and, of course –

+ the beach

so, that’s all for today! i really hope you enjoyed this post! sorry that it’s really short! what are your favourite smells? have you experienced any of these? do you like brainstorming your favourite things? tell us in the comments !!


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