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spring goals

heya everybody! abbie here and today i'll be sharing some of my spring goals with you (even though it's like two weeks into spring ... shhhh) also- fi and i wont be replying to many comments cause we are on holiday! this is gonna happen for the next few posts as well! thanks for understanding… Continue reading spring goals


spring haul! ❁

hey guys! ok, i loveee doing haul posts cause they get really nice feedback and they're super fun to create and plan! ❤︎ so today i wanted to do a post consisting some recent spring-themed items that i've bought! most of them are based on beauty because i've been really wanting to build up my… Continue reading spring haul! ❁

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a lil’ diy + a list.

hey everyone! abbie here and today i'm going to be showing you a diy i did this morning + as it's a bookmark, i'll be sharing the books that i most want to read! so, as you may have realised by my lack of capital letters, i'm currently changing a lot ... i'm writing differently,… Continue reading a lil’ diy + a list.

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beach day &!

heyyy guys! soph here! :) life update: lately, abbie and i have not talked as much as we usually do, due to our busy lives and stress. it's a shame because usually we are so close and talk to each other all the time, but lately not so much! so last night we had a… Continue reading beach day &!


Meet Me at Midnight – Chapter One

Heya everyone! It's Abbie here and today I'll be sharing chapter one of my story - meet me at midnight. A bit of background info: This book is written with eleven different P.O.Vs (!!!) and they alternate in + out as the story develops. Anyway, Enjoy! Chapter One - Storme The sunlight filters through the… Continue reading Meet Me at Midnight – Chapter One

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Abbie’s Aesthetic

Hey guys! So i feel like i need to explain, because what I promised was the first chapter of my book, but the thing is, my book is undergoing major rewriting, so instead I'm showing y'all my aesthetic (inspired by soph's post a week ago) I feel like my aesthetic is best described by my… Continue reading Abbie’s Aesthetic

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soph’s aesthetic

hey guys! ☁️🌟 this post is all about me, so if you feel like that, then read on! <3 note: if pictures aren't loading on the reader then head over to our website life update: i hope you have all had a great week 💕 we certainly have had a good one! this week was… Continue reading soph’s aesthetic


What’s in my travel bag (collab with Raf)

Heya everybody! It's Abby here and today I'm doing a collab post with Raf from rafsthetically pleasing! about some absolute essentials in my travel bag! Go check out her blog here and give it a follow please, you won't regret it! (btw, the header image is a picture of a fire in our fireplace. I… Continue reading What’s in my travel bag (collab with Raf)


how to relax after a long day

heya! what's up, you guys? how are you enjoying your summer? *frowns in jealousy* it's sooooo freezing where we are :/ it's like 13°C every day! hmph. moving on from my 'lil rant about the cold- i thought i would write a post about relaxation because lately abbie and i have had some realllly big… Continue reading how to relax after a long day


Queensland Photo Dump!!

Heya everyone! So we went to The Sunshine Coast (in Queensland, if you didn't know) for the first week of the Aussie holidays, and this week we wanted to do a photo dump because we got back today! So you guys might have seen this photo before on our last post, but for those that… Continue reading Queensland Photo Dump!!