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november favourites!

heyyyy y'all 🍃🍋🌼🌻🐢🌞🍪🍯🦋😻☕️☁️🦒✨🌟 i have been looking forward to writing this post ALL week, because i'm gonna be reviewing some of my favourite beauty (and non-beauty) products i have been trying in november! i have been trying to find eco-friendly because personally, i'm really into saving the environment 🐢🍃🌳🌱 (very) similar post: spring haul! so… Continue reading november favourites!

us :)

one year anniversary !!

heya everybody! so, y'all may have realised it's been exactly one year since the beginning of coastal twins !! we've been celebrating by going to the beach and treating ourselves to iced chocolates at the café - where we're writing this post !! it's amazing to think about ... we were on the very same… Continue reading one year anniversary !!


chat over chai ~ episode two

hey guys! it's ya girl soph ☺︎ so you may've noticed that our posting schedule has been really.. bad off lately. this is because of the dreaded and most certainly hated.. exams! *crowd shivers* if you follow our instagram (please give it some love!), you may have already noticed that we are trying desperately to… Continue reading chat over chai ~ episode two

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study tips

heyaaaa guys, it's me, soph! 🦔🍪🐢🌟☁️✨🦋🦕🦒 so right now, abbie and i have exams in the coming weeks, and as they are our first exams ever, we are getting kinda nervous! so we are just trying to stay on top of school work and study, as well as maintaining our friendships and stuff as well… Continue reading study tips

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holiday part two – italy !!

heya everybody! it's abbie here and today i'll be posting the second round of pics from our trip! the trip was just breathtaking! we went to paris, avignon, rome, venice and florence and even though we were only at each for about three days, soph and i really had the time of our lives! however,… Continue reading holiday part two – italy !!


meet me at midnight – chapter two!

hey guys! you may or may not remember the first chapter of my book - meet me at midnight - and today i'm going to be continuing it with chapter two! you may also remember me saying there are eleven different povs - this one is larke's! i also feel i need to mention that… Continue reading meet me at midnight – chapter two!


chat over chai ~ episode one

hi everyone! soph here ✰ so, guys, how are we all? personally, i'm feeling really pumped up for this post! i've been planning this series for a while now and i'm super excited for the posts! so as you can see by the header- today is going to be the first of a few in… Continue reading chat over chai ~ episode one

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spring goals

heya everybody! abbie here and today i'll be sharing some of my spring goals with you (even though it's like two weeks into spring ... shhhh) also- fi and i wont be replying to many comments cause we are on holiday! this is gonna happen for the next few posts as well! thanks for understanding… Continue reading spring goals


spring haul! ❁

hey guys! ok, i loveee doing haul posts cause they get really nice feedback and they're super fun to create and plan! ❤︎ so today i wanted to do a post consisting some recent spring-themed items that i've bought! most of them are based on beauty because i've been really wanting to build up my… Continue reading spring haul! ❁

tips or hacks

a lil’ diy + a list.

hey everyone! abbie here and today i'm going to be showing you a diy i did this morning + as it's a bookmark, i'll be sharing the books that i most want to read! so, as you may have realised by my lack of capital letters, i'm currently changing a lot ... i'm writing differently,… Continue reading a lil’ diy + a list.