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how to relax after a long day

heya! what's up, you guys? how are you enjoying your summer? *frowns in jealousy* it's sooooo freezing where we are :/ it's like 13°C every day! hmph. moving on from my 'lil rant about the cold- i thought i would write a post about relaxation because lately abbie and i have had some realllly big… Continue reading how to relax after a long day

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Queensland Photo Dump!!

Heya everyone! So we went to The Sunshine Coast (in Queensland, if you didn't know) for the first week of the Aussie holidays, and this week we wanted to do a photo dump because we got back today! So you guys might have seen this photo before on our last post, but for those that… Continue reading Queensland Photo Dump!!

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june review and july goals

hiiiiiya! how are y'all? doing well? we hope so 🌾💫🌞🌴 we are having an awesome time as we are currently holidaying in Queensland and then next week we are going skiing in Victoria! so it's a holiday based in 'Straya and we are loving it so far 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺 there will definitely be some photos up… Continue reading june review and july goals


Best Colour Combos

Heya everybody! It's Abbie here and today I'm gonna be going through my favourite colour combinations! I've got this newfound passion of adding all these different colours together and seeing how it goes and I'm going to be displaying some of these combinations today! So, the first colour combo is the Colourful Combo. It contains:… Continue reading Best Colour Combos


five styles i am loving right now

heyyy! i hope you have all had a nice start to the week ❤️ i was thinking about today's post quite a bit on the weekend because i had no homework *crowd gasps* i know right! something fishy is definitely going on.. 😂 nah, just kidding, as abbie said in her last post we have… Continue reading five styles i am loving right now


The nicest sounds

Heeellllllooo everyone! It's me, Abbie, and today I'm going to be telling you what I think are the best sounds! But first, a celebration! I've been very busy in the past few weeks as the end of Semester One neared, but it's finally Sem 2 and all the assessments/tests are done! *parties for 5 hours*… Continue reading The nicest sounds

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photography: a snippet of our lives!

hey guys! before you read this post- please go check out our new Instagram account here! i hope y'all are having a great weekend <3 we are lucky enough to have a holiday today (monday) cause it's the Queen's birthday- yay :) so this weekend me and abbie have been taking some photos of landscapes… Continue reading photography: a snippet of our lives!