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a bit of bad news … :(

heya everybody! abbie here and unfortunately this post is going to contain more than just a little bit of bad news. i'm it won't contain much positivity :( so, you may have noticed that we've been posting very inconsistently recently due to a lack of free time (homework, we're looking at you!) and so we've… Continue reading a bit of bad news … :(


chat over chai ~ episode three

hey guys! soph here 🐅😽 first up- i'm so, so sorry that the blog hasn't had regular uploads!! there is literally so much going on in my life right now and i have to do a heap of prioritising,, but still guys i'm super sorry and i hope we can get back into the swing… Continue reading chat over chai ~ episode three


the nicest smells !!

heya everyone! abbie here and today i was thinking of doing a "best smells" post! it sounds weird, i know, but since i've done a post on nice sights and a post on nice sounds, i thought it would be only natural to continue that pattern with a post on nice smells! this includes my… Continue reading the nicest smells !!


healthy caramel slice!!

hey guys!! hope you all are enjoying the first two weeks of 2019 <3 (i know, already!) as i mentioned in my last post i want to try and upload a few more recipes this year, so that's starting with today! :) a few days ago, abbie & i tried a recipe from one of our… Continue reading healthy caramel slice!!


aesthetic boards – chapter one

heya everybody! it's abbie here and i've been thinking - it's been ages since my last aesthetic- or vibe-related post and, since that was one of my post ideas for 2019 *mini celebration over the new year*, i'm going to be doing that today as the first chapter of a series!! so, for those of… Continue reading aesthetic boards – chapter one

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coastal twins- 2019!

hey guys!! happy christmas & new years! wow, 2019- here we come!! <3 first of all- super duper sorry for the late post! we have been really busy with celebrations, which means we haven't had a chance to stick to our one-post-a-week schedule. todays post is going to be about how our blog is going… Continue reading coastal twins- 2019!

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last minute gift ideas!

hey everyone! abbie here and today will be a collab with the awesome ella from Purely Ella, one of the absolute most amazing blogs on this site (or at least, we think so)! make sure to check out her blog as well! as you probably know, it's only two days till christmas and we are… Continue reading last minute gift ideas!


positivity blogger tag & announcement!

hellllooooo everybody! happy weekend 💓🌟🎄 so we haven't done a tag in agessss *and that's the tea* ! and when i say ages i mean a very, very, very long time. ok so you get the point, moving on, a few days ago Maggie nominated us for the Positivity Blogger Award! thanks, Maggie! she created… Continue reading positivity blogger tag & announcement!


meet me at midnight – chapter three!

heya everybody! it's abbie here and today i'm gonna be showing you guys the third chapter of my book meet me at midnight - this one in phoenix's p.o.v. if you haven't read my previous chapters, please do so! but if you have, let's get to it! actually, first, a lil' note - it's the… Continue reading meet me at midnight – chapter three!

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christmas/ summer wishlist!

hey guys! sorry for the one-day-late post.. you can tell my organisational skills are really super duper lacking at the end of the year!! (oops) life update (what happened to these?! i forgot all about them!): soooo, it's abbie's and my last day of school which is ACTUALLY so crazy because it has gone so,… Continue reading christmas/ summer wishlist!